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i'm rema. inspired in 2023, in sonoma, ca, little wiggle room was created to facilitate a dance space for everyone regardless of skill or fitness and free from instruction or judgment. the goal is to provide an experience and an environment to help you connect to the intangible elements of dance: unity, authenticity, confidence, freedom, and of course, fun! come break free from routine, dance and dare to let yourself go!

dance with little wiggle room is not about having the best moves or achieving some level of skill. the focus is on the joy of movement, energetic music, and self-expression over impressions. everyone can dance! we move and listen to our own bodies and set our own individual paces. as a secondary benefit, fitness comes naturally with consistency. feel free to be creative with your clothing but be comfortable moving and working up a sweat. soft soled shoes work best. 

little wiggle room is passionate about encouraging the community to express themselves through movement, creating an inclusive space for a new experience to explore our own relationship with our perfectly imperfect selves. here, there are no right or wrong moves, no mirrors or visible clocks, no phones, no judgments or expectations, and no formal dance lessons or instructors. whether you are an experienced dancer or a first-timer, little wiggle room provides an open and lively atmosphere where you can let go and dance, your way. 

book your session today and come experience the collective and contagious power of a little wiggle! 

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